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Back in late 1970s Hollywood, it was said that you had “arrived” as an actor if you were offered a guest spot on The Love Boat. I’m not exactly how accurate that line of thinking was (Charo, where are you now?), but it seems to me that the modern-day equivalent–at least for geeks like me–is getting your own mention on Wikipedia.

Well, I must be slowly seeping into the pop-culture zeitgeist, because I actually found myself listed there. It’s just a little blurb among a collection of cyberpunk works, but we all gotta start somewhere, right? Besides, it’s always a thrill whenever you get to share even a little space with Gibson, Stephenson and the boys.

And in semi-related news, I just receieved word from my agent that James Gunn–a longtime client of Dorris Halsey’s–has been named a Grand Master by the Science-Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. Jim’s contributions to the genre are numerous, and with this award he joins other luminaries such as Heinlein, Clarke, Asimov and Bradbury. Way to go, Jim!

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