Trek or Treat!

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Happy Halloween, Hammerheads!  Okay, I probably don’t have near enough fans to actually assign them all a cute nickname–but you’e out there, somewhere, maybe wondering why the hell I haven’t posted in a while.  And even if you’re not wondering, I’m gonna tell ya!  I’ve been–er, busy?  Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Actually, I have been pretty busy lately, doing my contributor gig over at The Resurgent and—don’t keel over from a heart attack when I tell you this–working on ANOTHER NOVEL!!!  I’ll post some details shortly, but I feel safe enough to share that tidbit of news because I’m now well past the halfway point, and expect to have a finished manuscript probably around February or March of next year.  The timing is pretty important too, considering the subject matter…

But I’ve said too much already!  For now, however, thanks to our good friends at Enterprising Individuals, I have a special treat for you–and just in time for All Hallows Eve.  That’s right–it’s an all-new podcast discussing the ins and outs of perhaps the scariest episode from Star Trek’s original run, Robert Bloch’s “Wolf in the Fold.”

Be sure to listen with all the lights off…

Click here to listen.

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