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Because I’m done, baby! As of 12:30 this morning, the first draft of PRODIGAL is finished, a roller-coaster journey that began last year when I first put pen to paper (well, fingers to keyboard–but you know what I mean). I e-mailed the manuscript to my long-suffering editor this morning, who has been patiently awaiting a completed draft since last September. If you’re reading this, Juliet, a bottle of booze is on the way.

Behind the scenes, it’s been a wild ride. A little over two weeks ago, I started a hard push to get it done so we could make publication for fall next year. Believe it or not, it takes about twelve months to do all the edits, typeset the copy, make final corrections and then get the book on the shelf–so I really had to get it in gear to make my (twice extended) deadline. Ten-page writing days became the norm, with every spare minute spent on the book. I haven’t been that productive since college.

To give you an idea, it took me over two years to write HAMMERJACK–and that was before my wife and I had two kids. I conceived, plotted and wrote PRODIGAL in a little less than seventeen months. Amazing what you can do when you’re motivated, isn’t it?

I just might have to light up a Monte Cristo White to celebrate. There’s also a six-pack of Paulaner Hefe-Weizen waiting in the fridge at home, just begging for a toast. Life is good!

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  1. Derek  November 10, 2005


    Congrats on completing the draft of PRODIGAL! That’s fantastic news. As always, I’m looking forward to finally getting a chance to read it. I might have to do some digging to find an ARC before they hit the stores. 😉

    Once again, congrats, and enjoy that Monte Cristo and Hefe-Weizen…you deserve a chance to enjoy the lull before the requests for edits begin to trickle in.


  2. marcusgee  November 10, 2005

    Thanks, Derek! The weird part was last night, when I could acually sit down and watch some TV with my wife. Haven’t done that in weeks. A part of me kept nagging, “Dude–you need to go write!” But then I realized, ahhh sweet freedom…

    Of course, I’m already churning ideas for the next one. Will I ever learn? 😉

  3. Shaun CG  November 11, 2005

    Congratulations, Marc – that’s great news indeed!

  4. Alain B  November 12, 2005

    Hey Marc!

    That’s great news! I can’t wait to get my hands (and eyes) on a copy! I’ll probably want to get a hold of an ARC too…I’m not sure I’ll be patient enough to wait until it hits the bookstores next fall. And, knowing myself, I’ll probably pick up a market copy (or two!) when it does come out anyway.

    If this keeps up, I’ll soon have a dedicated Marc D. Giller shelf in my home library…so it’s OK if you’re not a fast learner;-)…I’m sure none of us out here will mind too much.

    And if you want to drop a hint or two about the direction you’re considering for your next project, we won’t mind that either. 😮

    For know, just enjoy the extra time at home with your family. I’m know they must be happy to have you back, minus the bags under the eyes…for as long as it lasts, anyway!



  5. marcusgee  November 12, 2005

    Thanks, guys! It’s actually kind of nice getting caught up on the ol’ household chores (my yard was a mess after 3 weeks of neglect down here in the jungle we know as Florida)–not to mention watching a movie for the first time in eons. We gave “Batman Begins” a spin last night. Pretty good flick–and a great relief after Joel Schumacher nearly killed the series. “Hitchhiker’s Guide” is next, along with some Scaldis Noel beer. Just have to make sure my wife doesn’t drink it all before I can have some.

    BTW, Alain–the Raftman was SMOOTH! Much appreciated. Did you get the package of books I sent back?

  6. Derek  November 14, 2005

    Yeah, my wife and I finally got a chance to watch “Batman Begins” the other night as well. Very good flick. Schumacher really did a number on it after Tim Burton had done such a fantastic job. Looking forward to the next installment.

    I got “Underworld” the other day, so it’s time to watch that again soon. If you haven’t see it, all I have to say is ‘Kate Beckinsale as a vampire’. That should do it. 🙂

  7. marcusgee  November 14, 2005


  8. Martin Frobisher  November 16, 2005

    Congratulations. I’m looking forward to seeing Prodigal on the bookshelves.

  9. spin palace  February 1, 2006

    Me and my friend had an arguement about Kate Beckinsale last night, he says she is at least 39 and I think she is in her early 30s. We have been looking for the correct answer and found your blog in the search engine results, could you please tell us her exact age?

    Great blog.

    Steve & Chris.

  10. Marc G  February 1, 2006

    Well, according to the Internet Movie Database, Kate was born on July 26, 1973–which makes her just shy of 33. So who wins the bet? Hope you had something good riding on it!