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Yeah, yeah–you know how the rest goes!  And that means it’s time for another trip up to the Big Apple to do some press for PRODIGAL.  Mike Straka, entertainment reporter extraordinaire, has invited this humble author to appear on his Real Deal webcast, so I’ll be heading up to New York on October 20th to tape a segment with him.  Since it’s a day trip, I won’t have too much time to do the tourst thing–but I will be making it over to Tavern on the Green to have lunch, thus fulfilling a wish I’ve had ever since I saw Zuul chasing Rick Moranis outside the restaurant in Ghostbusters.

If you haven’t read Mike’s stuff, you should really check out his bi-weekly Grrr! columns on the Fox News website.  He puts a hilarious spin on life’s everyday irritations, all while dishing up no-holds-barred commentary on today’s celebrity-obsessed culture.  He also has a book of his own coming out soon, for which yours truly has written a jacket blurb.

Also, in related news on the movie front–no, Jennifer Connelly hasn’t agreed to play Avalon in the big-screen version of HAMMERJACK yet, but Ian Levy is still working on getting a studio deal going.  In fact, he recently put together a package at Paramount for a project called Details, based on a short story by China Mieville.  The pic is gearing up toward pre-production as we speak, which has provided a nice bit of momentum for Ian’s other projects–including HAMMERJACK.  We’re all keeping fingers crossed and hoping we’ll have some more news soon!

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  1. Sally Shears  March 1, 2015

    I realize you were being ironic, but seriously, Jennifer Connelly as Avalon would be beyond fantastic! I adored her as the femme fatale in “Dark City,” thought she played John Nash’s wife wonderfully in “A Beautiful Mind,” and enjoyed her in “9” and “Labyrinth.” The idea of her causing all those blood baths in a “Hammerjack” movie is just too awesome for words. And I’m sure she’d look smashing in that shimmering sensesuit.