Holiday Happenings

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Well, the holidays here in the States are off to a roaring start! I’ve been informed by my editor to expect some heavier edits on PRODIGAL, which comes as no surprise. It’s a bit longer than HAMMERJACK, and didn’t go through quite as many drafts before I sent the manuscript off to make the deadline for publication next fall. Right now, I’m cracking my knuckles and waiting for the edits to arrive–but in the meanwhile, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of taking it easy and enjoying the long Thanksgiving weekend.

I even had the chance to watch a few TV shows. My newest fave is Lost, which my wife and I caught from the first season DVD box set. We got so into it that I had to download the first six episodes of the current season from iTunes, just so we could catch up. It was actually kind of fun curling up and watching it on the Powerbook while the kids took their naps.

Also picked up a DV camera for my daughter’s first trip to Disney World next week! Yeah, yeah–before you know it, I’ll be driving a minivan, but as a parent I have no shame. When Lexie meets Mickey Mouse for the first time, the moment will be preserved forever on DVD. Besides, they make great gifts for the grandparents, right? Right.

In the meanwhile, here’s hoping that everyone out there is enjoying the new Christmas season. Have fun, be safe, and try to stay away from that office party egg nog. It’s a killer.

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  1. Derek  December 15, 2005

    Happy Holidays.

    Have a good time at Disney World…I have yet to make it there, but with my daughter turning 3 this summer, I’m sure a trip down there will be in the cards sooner rather than later.

    I have a DVD cam as well, and it’s great at catching the memories and then burning them into cool little DVD movies. Well worth the price of admission. The only problem I have is mine is a Sony, and Sony’s DVD cams are for some reason not Mac friendly, much to my chagrin. So I have to make all my videos and edits on my PC. The next one I buy I will make sure it works on my Mac.

  2. marcusgee  December 15, 2005

    Thanks, Derek! We had a great time at the Big D, by the way. Lexie turned out to be pretty fearless–she even loved the Haunted Mansion. That’s my girl!

    I went the Mini DV route myself, which makes it pretty easy to download from tape to iMovie on my Powerbook. What does the Sony use to transfer digital video to your PC? If it uses Firewire, you should (conceivably) be able to drop it into iMovie.