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Most authors dream of writing a book that changes people’s lives. Even yours truly has entertained the thought every now and then–although it never crossed my mind that a sci-fi action thriller like HAMMERJACK would be that book. Hell, I just counted myself as lucky when I got some good reviews. But reader Bertie W. from the UK informs me otherwise:

Your book got me into trouble, by the way, with my girlfriend. I found it while I was on holiday in New York, and read the back cover thinking that this sounds like all the stuff that I love about neo-noir and science. I started reading it that night and I was hooked. The next day, my girlfriend and I went to the US Open and I decided to bring the book. We sat down and I spent pretty much the entire tennis games just reading. My girlfriend was not happy. We split up once we got back–but I wasn’t really enjoying her company, so thank you for making a good read that saved my holiday and made it worthwhile.

No problem, Bertie! Sorry about the whole girlfriend thing, though. One of these days I’ll have to write something that brings people together–but allows me to blow stuff up at the same time. A guy’s gotta have his standards after all…

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