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Election 2016 has been called a dumpster fire, a choice between being shot and being hanged, electile dysfunction, and the original creepy clown show–but even with all that, I doubt anybody could have foreseen Weinergate inserting itself into the proceedings at such a late stage of the game.

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock, New York City prosecutor Preet Bharara (known as “The Terminator” to his friends, and God knows what else to his enemies), while investigating disgraced former Congressman Tony the Weiner for allegedly sending lewd texts to a 15-year-old girl, came across a cache of emails that might have something to do with Hillary Clinton and her time as secretary of state.  And so “Emailgate,” which the Clinton campaign had thought dead and buried since the FBI declined to recommend an indictment last August, has crawled out of the grave like some Tales from the Crypt character to seek revenge on all those who put him in the ground.

If this rather lurid turn of events isn’t enough for you, consider this:  What if all this happened because Tony the Weiner himself instigated it?  Think about that for a moment:  Weiner is really down in it, so to speak, maybe looking at some hard jail time for sexting a minor, all while his soon-to-be-ex wife Huma Abedin is heading for a four-year vacation at the White House with her boss Hillary Clinton–the very same Hillary Clinton who freakin’ violated national security laws and got away with it!  I don’t know about you, but if I were Weiner I’d be feeling like a pretty big chump.  A little revenge might make that bitter pill a little easier to swallow.

Or maybe Weiner got smart and decided he could use those emails as some leverage, trading them to the FBI in exchange for a reduced sentence on the sexting charge.  Who knows?  In this election season, anything is possible.

Of course, all this makes me wish I’d written this as a political satire–but I get the feeling nobody would have believed it if I had.

Update:  Looks like Mark Steyn has picked up on the same idea.

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