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Bantam recently sent over the proposed cover copy for PRODIGAL. Believe it or not, they have professional blub writers who do this sort of thing full time–a precarious job, if there ever was one. Imagine having to please editors, publishers AND egotistical authors at the same time. So here’s to you, Mr. Blurb Writer! We hope they make a beer commercial about you someday.

Drum roll please…


The dead should stay buried…


Marc D. Giller
Author of Hammerjack


In his riveting debut, Hammerjack, Marc Giller unspooled a futuristic thriller of global intrigue, corporate espionage, and techno-terrorism. Now he delivers a new novel of deadly resurrection, set in a gritty realm that may change the course of all time…

Once an elusive hammerjack, plugged into a virtual world of code, Lea Prism is now a corporate spook, hell-bent on ridding the universe of the anti-tech Inru terrorists. Their attempt to accelerate evolution robbed her of her one chance for happiness. Now the man she loved is nothing but a disembodied consciousness—and part of the computer matrix she has sworn to defend.

But from the depths of a Martian volcano to the radioactive wasteland of Chernobyl, the Inru have launched one last offensive–and a horrific incident from humanity’s past resurfaces to birth a final scenario more terrifying than anyone could imagine. The forces of technology are poised to distort the very worst of what nature has to offer… and the stage is set for battle.

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  1. Derek  January 19, 2006

    Great blurb…can’t wait to get a copy for myself.