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Man, more than four weeks without a post.  I know, that was pretty derelict of me–but I have excuses, I swear!  The trouble all started at work, when a brand new server (whose maker shall remain nameless, but I’ll give you a hint:  it rhymes with “hell”) went belly up after only six weeks in operation.  It wouldn’t have been so bad, except that said server happened to be hosting Microsoft Exhchange at the time.

As I work for a law firm, you can imagine how my attorneys felt about not having e-mail for twenty-four hours.  During that time, I paintakingly extracted the mail databases so we didn’t lose anything–except maybe my marbles, which disappeared somewhere around three in the morning.  With the possible execption of one hangover I had back in college, it was the single worst night of my life.  As for the nameless server manufacturer, I say never again.  Next time, I’m buying IBM.

But all is not trouble in paradise.  Bantam just sent the copyedited manuscript for PRODIGAL to me last week, so I’ve been using my li’l green pencil to check up on those margin notes and stet out a few mysterious marks when I find them.  The copy editor has an interesting habit of rearranging sentences and doesn’t seem to like commas all that much, but for the most part it’s all good.  It’s always interesting when a fresh set of eyes takes a look at the manuscript.

I should have it done by Monday, after which PRODIGAL goes off to the typesetter.  Believe it or not, Bantam doesn’t use my computer files for that–some poor bastard actually types it all in by hand, one page at a time.  If I ever find out who that is, I’ll have to buy him a beer.

In the meanwhile, stay tuned this week for some possible news.  Can’t say what it is just yet, but it should be pretty cool!

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