And We’re Off…

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To New York, that is! I just finished the final polish on PRODIGAL today and sent it off to Bantam. As I mentioned in my previous post, there was quite a bit of cutting involved–almost a hundred pages, if you toss in the two previous drafts. Hell, if I’d been that economical from the start, I would’ve finished the dang thing a lot sooner!

So now the manuscript weighs in at a (still) hefty 507 pages. That’s considered a bit on the long side in this biz, but for me it ain’t bad (the longest book I ever wrote was 1200 pages–which might explain why it never got published). The prose is now lean and mean, though, and with a little luck I’ll pass muster with my editor and start heading for production.

In the meanwhile, it’s time to start thinking about what’s next. Bantam has an option for a third book, but whether they’ll want another sequel is up in the air. I have an idea for a near-future book that could be pretty interesting (and could get me into real trouble–more on that later), but if my editor wants to continue the HAMMERJACK saga I’ll be more than happy to oblidge.

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