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Hat tip to my writer buddy Neal Asher, who posted this article from Singularity Hub on his Twitter feed:

DNA already encodes information — “biological recipes,” if you will. Thus, the idea with DNA data storage is to repurpose that information storage capacity so that we can store our digital data — our selfies, movies, and documents — in DNA.

Click here to check out the rest of the article.  It’s pretty fascinating stuff.

Of course, I bring this up to not only illustrate how our world is fast becoming the world of science-fiction, but also to point out how it’s particularly turning into…my novel HAMMERJACK?  Yeah, you read that right!  In my book, secret information hacked from powerful corporate databases is encoded into a medium called “flash DNA,” which is injected into smugglers known as “runners” who carry the information to its buyers.  I thought it was a pretty cool idea at the time–but now it looks as if researchers at Microsoft have actually managed to store over 200MB worth of data using DNA.

Just goes to show ya that the future doesn’t take too long to catch up to the present!

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