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It may just be the most revised work I’ve ever done–a screenplay that I originally wrote years ago, gone thorugh at least six drafts–but I’m happy to report that FINAL INNINGS is back in the game! If you’ve ever checked out my Library Page, you might have noticed it as little more than a mysterious reference to one of my many unproduced works. You collect a lot of those during the soap opera that is a struggling writer’s formative years (especially if you dare to knock on Hollywood’s door), but for some reason FINAL INNINGS always stuck with me as a pretty damn good story. It was actually kind of fun revisiting the script, kind of like having a beer with old friends you haven’t seen in forever. Plus I was actually surprised at how well it held up. It seems my previous drafts had actually ironed out most of the cringe-inducing passages that inevitably crop up in an earlier work (which is why I rarely get up the courage to look at some of my older novels), and the narrative flow was actually quite good. All it really needed was a little tidying up.

So with that all finished, FINAL INNINGS is now in the hands of my agent. As you might guess from the title, there is some baseball involved in the storyline–but mostly it’s a straight-up thriller, set in the near future when yet another player strike has finally sent the fans packing once and for all. One of the faithful decides to exact his revenge by doing some pretty nasty things, and that’s where the real fun begins. Murder, mayhem and ESPN–toss in a couple of brewskies and you’ve got some entertainment, boyee!

Of course, the odds of a spec script actually getting produced lie somewhere between a snowball’s chance down south and Jessica Alba professing a secret crush on that guy who wrote HAMMERJACK–but they can lead to other writing jobs, which is my nefarious little plan here. Of course, if a studio wanted to actually buy it, I wouldn’t refuse (assuming I didn’t have a heart attack first)–but I’d happily settle for a rewrite or a polish of some other script, thank you very much. In Hollywood, you gotta take the nibbles where you can find ’em.

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  1. Derek  August 14, 2006

    Best of luck!