Texas Twisters

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The kids and I have started a new tradition in the Giller household. After dinner’s all done and the dishes put away, and after we’ve all been on our walk and gotten cleaned up, Lexie and Christian settle in with dear old dad and watch a bit of a movie before going to bed. I have to admit, it’s become a bit addictive as I get lots of good cuddle time–and who could resist such a thing with these two little cuties?

The only thing is that they seem to have inherited my taste for cheesy movies.

Now I’ll admit that I have a few of them in my collection–Strange Brew and Flash Gordon immediately spring to mind–but never did I imagine that Lexie would come across that Jan De Bont epic Twister and want to watch it. . .over and over and over again. In fact, she’s developed quite the interest in tornadoes–so much that she has me combing the net looking for tornado pictures, tornado video, pretty much anything with a dark funnel that kicks up a lot of wind.

I know what you’re thinking: How could you inflict such a film on those poor, innocent children? But if they like it, who am I to argue? Actually, I’ve rather enjoyed reliving those classic moments with Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt. You can’t find that kind of chemistry just anywhere. And watching a pre-Capote Philip Seymour Hoffman spout off lines like “He’s gonna rue the day he came up against the Extreme!” and “That’s intense!”–well, some things alone are worth the price of admission.

Still, all hope is not lost. They haven’t come across my copy of Superman III yet. Maybe I should run out and bury it in the back yard before it’s too late…

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