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You Remember That New Book I Promised?

Yeah, yeah--it's been forever since I sneakily announced a new book was in the works. And yes, it's also been forever since I last posted anything here on the site. But life, being what it is, has a tendency to g...

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Trek or Treat!

Happy Halloween, Hammerheads!  Okay, I probably don't have near enough fans to actually assign them all a cute nickname--but you'e out there, somewhere, maybe wondering why the hell I haven't posted in a while.  ...

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Avengers: Infinity War or Thanos: The Hand of Fate?

After taking my son to a sold-out showing on Saturday, I can personally attest that Avengers: Infinity War really throws down the gauntlet—both figuratively, and in the case of arch-villain Thanos, quite literally...

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