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The Pro-Life Heart of Blade Runner 2049

The big questions of life—how long we have, how memory defines us, what it means to be human—figure prominently in the Blade Runner universe, first introduced to cinemas by Ridley Scott back in 1982.  Working...

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New Podcast! Star Trek Discovery Ups Its Game

After posting my not-so-enthusiastic review of the Star Trek Discovery tw-part pilot episode, I wasn't exactly sure of what to expect out of episode number three.  Would it be as plodding and muddled as the initi...

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Star Trek Discovery: How to Boldly Blow a Pilot

Star Trek has always had something of a checkered history with pilot episodes.  Back before the classic series run, NBC actually rejected Gene Roddenberry’s original pilot, “The Cage.”  Lore has it that the...

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